If you follow our blog or Facebook page — or you know anyone on the Project True team — you may have heard us buzzing about True Blossoms. Whether that name rings a bell or not, we’re going to give you the full scoop on one of our latest projects!

Last month, Angela, Clinton, Mike, Helen, Ingrid, Bianca and Jeremy got together for a night of patio snacks, drinks and crafts, with the vision to create something fun, informative and functional to give away at the Color Me Rad 5k in Vancouver. Armed with glue guns, sparkly flowers, hundreds of elastic bands, True blue beads and our inspirational quote cards, we created a big basket full of True Blossoms.

We brought them with us to Color Me Rad (because what’s more functional at a colour race than a vibrant hair elastic?) hoping to give a few dozen out… but everyone was going crazy for them, and we ended up giving them away to almost everyone who crossed the finish line! We were blown away.

Thanks to the tremendous success, we’d love to continue using True Blossoms for fundraising for Project True as well as spreading awareness for the various projects we’re working on (you can see a recap of our latest activity and goals here, and news on our most ambitious goal here).

Upcoming Events

As for upcoming events, Ingrid, an incredibly talented yoga teacher and performance artist, is going to be giving away True Blossoms at her upcoming living bucket-list performance/celebration at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. “Welcome to my Wake” is an offering from the heart that celebrates life:

Hope to see you there!