We’re excited to finally be launching the Project True blog! Over the next few months we’ll be posting empowering, educational and inspiring articles, ideas and photos to give you a sense of the online resource and community we’re building.

Our goal is create a virtual haven focused on rebuilding healthy bodies and self-perceptions. While a large part of our not for profit organization is dedicated to helping those struggling with disordered eating (from anorexia and bulimia to compulsive eating), our overarching goal is to help increase anyone’s overall well-being. We’ve had enough of people feeling dissatisfied with their bodies, and we’re ready to take a stand!

Imagine that within your cells, you have the ability to cultivate strength, energy and radiate true beauty. We believe that’s possible for anyone, and our goal is to help you learn how.

The Project True team knows we are all prone to days (sometimes weeks, even months) where we don’t feel our best. In fact, we’re sure even the Brad Pitts of the world have days they don’t exactly feel like Adonis. But that’s OK. Crappy days are part of being human, but also part of being human is the ability to lift ourselves out of the fog. We’re here to provide you with the tools — be they inspirational quotes, meal plans, yoga tips or access to counsellors — to help you bring the sunshine back into your life, and a beaming smile on your face when you think about the incredible person you are.

Look forward to taking this journey with you!