We’re beyond excited to share the official Project True pledge with you, and we’d love to invite you to join us in Gastown this Sunday to take the pledge and (if you want) be a part of our video!

Come take the pledge with us!

Place: The Steam Clock, at the corner of Cambie and Water Street in Gastown
Date: Sunday, September 30.
Time: 3-6pm
What: We’ll each read a different line of the pledge as part of a creative video.
Why: Because you’ve been affected by disordered eating, either personally or seen a loved one struggle with body image. And because you’ll be part of a rad video with a powerful message.
What else? We’ll be entering the video into the Aviva Community competition, which (if we win) would allow us to open the Project True Centre for eating disorder recovery next fall (more details below).

If you can’t make it, it would be amazing if you could invite friends who might be interested via our Facebook event page.

What we hope to achieve with this video:
Since the seed of Project True was planted 6 years ago, it has become evident that disordered eating impacts countless individuals, families and organizations within our community. Whether this impact has been due to a personal struggle, or stems from the witnessing of a loved one’s journey, it is our belief that all Vancouverites deserve access to support, compassion and hope.

The Project True Centre for Empowerment & Recovery
Our goal is to provide community-based initiatives and open the Project True Centre for the treatment and recovery of body image and eating disorders. Through the generous donations of individuals, local business and organizations, and with the proceeds garnered from the Aviva Campaign, we look forward to opening our doors to those in need by September of 2013.

The space we envision will allow users access to drop-in facilities including, but not limited to, physicians, counselors, movement therapists, nutritionists, a resource library, a fully equipped kitchen, and a space to create, move, and connect with others.

The search to find resources for information and treatment is too often impeded by roadblocks of shame, isolation and confusion. By offering these resources in one safe and convenient location, we hope to prevent anyone in our community from ever having to walk the road to recovery alone.

Given the exponential waitlists at existing facilities, and with the knowledge that there are many more who are suffering in silence, there is no doubt that the services we hope to provide are crucial to the health and wellbeing of the greater community. As we are blessed to have already obtained the support of numerous specialists within the disordered eating community, including renowned eating disorder specialist and Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Member of the Departments of Medicine and Health Care and Epidemiology at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Laird Birmingham, we are confident that finding physicians, nutritionists, therapists and other professionals committed to developing long-lasting recovery programs will not be an issue. Unfortunately, until we make even bigger strides in the prevention of disordered eating and body image issues, we also don’t foresee a lack of individuals and families who would make use of our facilities.