This Thanksgiving Monday, October 8th, we’re gathering a group of big-hearted people for a free yoga session in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, and would love to see you there!

We’re going to unroll our mats in public to peacefully protest for the right to access resources, treatment and hope for anyone in BC who is struggling with an eating disorder or their body image.

Photo by Cord Rodefeld via Flickr (CC)

Why are we doing warrior poses in public?
In BC, funding for treatment and services has been cut, and rights have been taken away from people who have ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Did you know that:

  • If you have a medical history of an eating disorder, you cannot receive extended medical care in BC (Project True’s president applied three times, was denied, appealed it to the Human Rights Tribunal, and lost at the first stage and needs to appeal again).
  • You go to the bottom of the list if you need an organ transplant. A smoker can get a new lung before someone with a history of an eating disorder can.
  • St. Paul’s eating disorder unit, Extra Care, has now become a place where patients go in for “tube feedings,” while other resources have been stripped.
  • If you leave the St. Paul’s program and need more help, you cannot return as they consider you chronic.
  • The Looking Glass Foundation’s Woodstone Residence (a worthy and much needed centre) has limited government funding so patients must pay several hundred dollars per day. What’s more, there are only 20 beds, and you must be 24 years or younger to stay there.
  • Men are largely ignored in terms of resources, as eating disorders are wrongly considered to be a “woman’s disease.”


At Project True, we’re not OK with these facts.

Join us at 1pm on October 8 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

We’re inviting all Vancouverites to strike a pose with Project True, so bring your yoga mat and as many friends as you can! We’ll be dedicating our downdogs and our dhanurasanas to the thousands of individuals in Vancouver suffering in silence or waiting for care.

Bring your “asana” downtown and become a body-loving, back-bending warrior for truth.