Guest post by Katie Jeanes, founder of A Little More Good

Ask any runner why they run and you’ll get a different answer every time. Some do it for the exercise or the endorphins. Some run for the alone time. Others enjoy the sense of community between runners. Very few, however, will tell you that they run because it’s fun. Trudging along for hours on end just doesn’t scream, “Best time ever!”

Enter Color Me Rad – the world’s most fun five kilometer run. Taking place this summer, in cities all over North America, the aim of the game is to have a really awesome day. And to raise some money for a few great charities in the process.

So what is Color Me Rad exactly? The Vancouver version takes place Saturday, August 18th at UBC Thunderbird Stadium. Starting at 9am, waves of runners, walkers and just-for-funners will begin an easy jog. At each leg of the race, participants get doused with a different color. Like a tangible rainbow, this makes everything a whole lot better. The best way to really grasp the concept is to watch this video:

The Color Me Rad Project True Promo Code
Each city’s race is linked with a difference Charity of Choice. For Vancouver, Keep A Breast Canada has been selected. The wonderful people behind Color Me Rad have also come up with a great way to help us raise some money for Project True. Although we’re not the official run charity, we do have our very own promo code, PROJECTTRUE, which sends 15% of the registration fee to support our programs and cause. When registering, make sure to enter PROJECTTRUE in the promo code section to support our vision of creating the first holistic online resource for disordered eating in North America so recovery can be accessible to all.

Whether you’ve completed an ultra-marathon or only run when you’re running late, we want you on our team. Forget the timing chips, calories burned and personal bests — this run is all about having one heck of a good time.

Registration is only $35.00 until May 4th, click HERE to get started.