The event we were all waiting for with eager anticipation has come and gone, but the stories and photos of the Color Me Rad 5K in Vancouver haven’t stopped putting smiles on our faces and excitement in our hearts.

Project True’s Zumba-teaching, adventure-seeking, physiotherapist from New Zealand, Helen Cranney, gave us the scoop on the event:

“The atmosphere when we first arrived was amazing! They had music pumping and there was a big, dancing crowd rocking out. It was 8am, and the organizers were already giving out free stuff (everyone loves free stuff right?). Everyone was still in white at this point, but our adrenaline pumping and we were ready to get coloured!”

Dressed in white before the colour bombing began

The Color Me Rad 5K was set up with different waves, and Helen was lucky enough to be in the first wave, which sprinted off in crisp white tees and tanks at 9am.

“They were still throwing out free tee-shirts, hats and bandanas at the start line — it was pretty awesome,” Helen recounts. “We were pumped waiting to sprint off to get to that first colour station…

“And then we were released! We had to run about one kilometre to the first colour station, where yellow paint was squirted at us. There were also boxes of orange powder there, so we had a massive orange war and ended up rolling on the ground to maximize our colour. People were going crazy!”

“After a bit more running — and a good amount of singing and high-fiving — we reached the half way point. There was so much colour dust in the air that we could hardly see who we were throwing colour at! We ran out of the crowd and then back in again, trying to cover ourselves in as much colour as possible. We were laughing so hard!

We then walked all the way back to the start of the race, which was also where the last colour station was. Along the way we saw friends dancing in the street, families having an amazing time, and people with wigs, tutus and outrageous one-piece suits clearly having a lot of fun!”

The finish line!

“At the finish line, we each got a colour packet and got dowsed in purple colour, which was wicked! We then waited for the countdown and everyone threw their coloured dust in the air, and it was like we were inside a giant rainbow! 

“Clinton was standing at the finish line handing out True Blossoms and everyone was taking them!”

True Blossoms

“After finding the team members we lost during the race, we lined up for some ‘official’ photos, which included some sweet jumping and of course a pyramid!

“Then a crazy amount of dancing took place as the colour wars continued (we got more packets of free colours the longer we stuck around), and then an intense purple war broke out as a whole box of purple coloured powder was found just lying around… hence why we were fully purple at the end of the day.

“To conclude the event, we had a lovely brunch — still fully coloured — and then attempted to scrub the colour off in the ocean… but that didn’t work. We all had blue toes for a week, but it was fully worth it!”

Helen and Ingrid looking vibrant