True Talks 3: Tools to Keep You Moving Forward, Feeling Empowered

True Talks #3 was held during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and offered an ideal opportunity to help break some of the silence around eating disorders. For those who missed the event, here are the tools and ideas we came up with as a group to keep us moving forward and feeling empowered in 2013:

Fill […]

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The Project True bookstore

By Alexis McDonald

At Project True, we know the journey to claiming your own definition of your one true self can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Really, where do you even begin? Like most journeys, it’s a little easier when you have a map. While the route you take to get where you want to go will be your own, there are others who may have traveled a similar road. If you know where to look, there are many resources out there to help you set you up for your journey. Many of these resources can even be found for free in your local library!

In order to help you distinguish which guidebook is right for you, we are combing libraries and bookstores to find titles that reflect what you’re looking for. From volumes of information to inspiring stories, there are many books out there that offer wisdom and knowledge to help guide you on the path to reclaiming and celebrating the incredible self that you are.


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