Learning to exercise your right to be true

Post by Alexis McDonald

As part of my work for Project True, I have had the opportunity to do a great deal of learning. I get to read countless books written by courageous women and men willing to share their stories in order to help others find their true selves again. What I didn’t count […]

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Let the REAL You SHINE!

by Loretta Cella

Many years ago I was babysitting two little boys. One was five and the other was two. I was trying to change the little guy’s diaper, but he was fussing around. The 5-year-old, Jesse, was talking to me, recounting his morning to me. I could tell it was really important to him, […]

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Things We Know For Sure

by Katie Jeanes

If there are any Oprah fans out there, youʼve probably heard her say this a million times: “This I know for sure.” Apparently someone once asked her what she knew for sure, and she didnʼt have an answer. While weʼre not on Oprahʼs level (yet), here are 20 things that we at […]

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Ballet Slippers and Black Belts

by Jess Hanna

Like many young girls, I was ecstatic when I learned I was going to be taking dance lessons. Discovering that my dad had also enrolled me into martial arts lessons was probably one of the most upsetting things an eight-year-old girl could hear. I was mortified at the thought of having to […]

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Getting Advice From Yourself (Easy Meditation Tips)

by Katie Jeanes

“I don’t know what to do.”

Sound familiar? Weʼve all been there once or twice. Picking a major, changing careers, trying to get out of a bad relationship, or just figuring out how to pay the bills. At some point or another, weʼve all uttered those six words. The thing is though, we […]

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