Finding the Balance

Guest post by Christie Baumgartner

I have spent the last five years living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C. As a full-time yoga teacher, I am surrounded by health-conscious, open-minded people who have a regular yoga practice on a daily basis. Every day I see people making healthy food choices at Whole Foods, cycling […]

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Yoga and Healthy Body Image

I’m an advocate of yoga for many reasons, but today I want to focus on yoga as a tool to cultivate self-love and a healthy body image.

Through practices of mindfulness such as yoga and meditation, we are able to access powerful tools that allow us to rediscover the real beauty of our bodies, […]

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There’s only one ‘U’ in True

We’re excited to finally be launching the Project True blog! Over the next few months we’ll be posting empowering, educational and inspiring articles, ideas and photos to give you a sense of the online resource and community we’re building.

Our goal is create a virtual haven focused onĀ rebuilding healthy bodies and self-perceptions. While a large […]

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